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Brief for website development

Here at Orange Label, website development starts with filling out a brief or an introductory questionnaire. This brief will help to define your requirements for the project and give us an understanding of how to meet these requirements in the best way possible.

We did our best to streamline this process. Please complete all the fields below and click the “Send Brief” button. If you already have a brief or any other documentation on the project, please send them all to

We would like to ask you to give the most detailed and precise answers to the questions below. A well-drafted brief sets the first and most important stage for a successful project completed on time.

Describe the gist of the project
Will it be a new website or a redesign of an already existing one? If it is a redesign, we would like to have a look at the existing website and find out what changes you would like to see.
How would you categorise your website?
Choose the category that fits your future website best. You can select several categories if it’s a multitask website.
What are your objectives?
What specific goals should the website meet? Please mark all the tasks that are significant for you.
Tell us about your brand name
What is the name of your company? Does this name have a full and short variant? Does it have any other language versions? If you have already developed your brand's mission and motto, please mention them below.
Give us examples of websites you like
Please specify the websites that you consider successful in completing tasks similar to your own. List your competitors if there are any. Are there any sites you like visually (not necessarily in your sphere of activity)? Which of their features do you find effective?
What kind of target audience do you expect to attract?
Please tell us about the audience your site is intended to attract. Will your website be aimed at private or corporate customers? What are their primary geographical, age-related, social, and behavioural characteristics?
What sections should your website have?
Please mark the sections that should be present on your website.
In what languages will your website be available?
How many language versions should your future website have? What languages? Should there be an opportunity to add more language options?
How would you define the style and tone of the project?
It is important for us to understand the values and concepts that will underpin the project. It concerns both the visual aspect and the general feeling. Please slide the cursor on each scale representing polar qualities to give us a better understanding of your expectations for the project.
What project data do you already have?
What data do we need when working on this project? What data do you already have and what data will have to be collected? This might include your logo, text content, photographs, etc. If you have data that you think we might need on this stage already, you can send it to us using a simple drag-and-drop interface located below.
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uploading file
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Deadlines and project budget
Don't forget to mention if this project has to be completed within a fixed timeframe. Also, if it's possible, please state the project budget.
Your contact information*
How can we contact you for further project discussion? Please specify your preferable contact method. If you have any additional suggestions or feedback, please let us know in the message field below.