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Browse through our client portfolio below to learn more about some of our projects. To get started, you just need to fill out a brief for website development or a brief for logo design and identity development. This brief will help to define your requirements for the project and give us an understanding of how to meet these requirements. We will contact you for further detailed discussion within the next business day.

Japan cars, a supplier of spare parts
Logo development for a supplier of Japanese spare parts

Logo development for a supplier of Japanese spare parts

Rising sun, Japanese dragon Ryujin, bright watercolours, and cold metal... It is difficult not to pay notice to this logo and after that it is impossible to forget it. Japan Cars supplies spare parts for Japanese cars – this brand association should be stored in memory of every potential customer.

Omami, a blog about design
Website design for a blog
Logo development for a blog about design

Logo development for a blog about design is a blog dedicated to design in all its aspects. The name of the project is related to the term “umami”, the “fifth taste”, a hard-to-explain Japanese word, which can be translated as "pleasant savoury taste".

The logo and website design we have developed for this project reflect the author’s style and desire to spotlight the most outstanding events in modern design. While surfing this interactive website full of catchy illustrations, it really feels like actually “tasting” it.

MOM’s, an online magazine
Logo development and website design for MOM’s Inc.

Newspaper-style web design

MOM's Inc. is an illustrated glossy magazine integrated into the online environment. Articles, news, blogs and all kinds of useful information, which can be found on the pages of this magazine, are aimed at satisfying the thirst for knowledge of both moms and moms-to-be.

When designing this website, we tried to combine the features of a "magazine" and an "online resource". That is why MOM's Inc. uses large fonts, a magazine-style page layout and eye-catching colours. All these elements help to create a favourable background for the illustrations.

Quadplus, telecommunications
Logo development for a telecommunications company
Logo for an IPTV and VoIP provider

Logo for an IPTV and VoIP provider

Quadruple play is a marketing term combining the triple play service of broadband Internet access, television and telephone with wireless service provisions. This is what Quadplus does – it provides IPTV, VoIP, high-speed Internet access and wireless services at one reasonable price.

The logo we have created combines a formal font and a flexible graphic symbol. Corporate identity developed for Quadplus is based on the contrast between a unicolour background and catchy futuristic lines.

mtForex, a dealing centre
Website development for a financial company, heraldic logo, black-and-white website

Website design for a Forex floor trader. Monochrome design. Logo for a financial company, monochrome website

We used the idea of monochrome elegance and style with a reference to reputable financial periodicals to develop an advanced website for mtForex dealing centre. Each and every visual element serves to emphasize the fact that this company really values its reputation.

For the company’s logo, we used a witty heraldic improvisation involving bulls, bears, and stock market notions, familiar to even the inexperienced users. The website’s responsive design followed up the theme of the black-and-white logo with thoroughly developed details.

Website design for a Forex floor trader. Monochrome design.
Logo for a financial company, monochrome website
Mastertelecom, telecommunications
Logo and identity development for a telecommunications company

Corporate identity, design of an envelope, letterhead, business card, annual report

Mastertelecom provides call centre services, which help to improve customer support by integrating telecommunication solutions into company’s business processes. We have created a new logo and developed corporate identity standards for Mastertelecom.

This new logo reflects the company’s operational excellence, its commitment to provide turnkey solutions and implement advanced communication technologies. We used the voiceprint of the company’s name as the main graphic symbol. The unique character of this element is highlighted with the help of clean, crisp lines and a rather laconic font.

Corporate identity, design of an envelope, letterhead, business card, annual report
Ate Group, a consulting company
Website development for the consulting company Ate Group
Website development for a consulting agency

Website design for a consulting agency

Ate Group is a flagship Singapore-based agency providing consultancy services in marketing and public relations for brands in lifestyle segment. New Ate Group website designed by our studio has become an important stage in reinforcing the company's image and reputation.

Ate Group’s focus on dealing with premium class brands is reflected in the airy, while also elegant design. The website uses corporate colours and the company’s brand book guidelines. Less decorations, more information. This allows Ate Group’s projects tell their own tale.

Neotechnology, an industrial equipment manufacturer
Brand's visual identity for a petroleum company, three-D graphics and illustrations for Neotechnology

Logo, corporate identity and website development

Neotechnology offers advanced technological solutions for petroleum and metal industries. We have developed the brand's visual identity from logo and corporate look to website design and promo tools. The style we have chosen implies keeping ornamenting to a minimum, using two contrast corporate colours, three-D illustrations and adding some retrofuturistic features.

A full package of services provided to Neotechnology allowed us to create a comprehensive visual formula, which reflects the company’s values and philosophy.

Corporate identity, website development, design of an annual report, calendar and other printed materials for the equipment manufacturer in petroleum and metal industry
Logo development for the equipment manufacturer in petroleum and metal industry
Newstream, an iOS app
Application development for iOS

Logo, design and style of an application for App Store distribution

App overview on iTunes

Newstream is an iOS app designed, styled and developed by our studio. If you think that surfing RSS and ATOM feeds should be as nice and comfortable as reading a newspaper while having your morning cup of tea, you will definitely enjoy this app.

While bearing in mind modern user interface requirements, we used a classic newspaper style to develop the app’s logo and design. Ever since Newstream appeared in App Store, it’s a pleasure to watch its consistent popularity and high rating.

Tasta Oh!, a cafe
Brand identity for Tasta Oh!

Logo, packing and label design for a cafe

Corporate identity for Tasta oh! cafe in Barcelona turned out to be as bright and lively as the city where this cafe is located. New logo designed by our team is complemented with colourful base elements, which can be used to decorate practically everything – from dinnerware and food packaging to interior and advertisements.

The text part of the logo uses a simple font and can be easily combined with different but all very cheerful background patterns. The round shape of the logo makes it even more cross-functional.

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