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Web sites and logos, illustrations and corporate identity packages, icons and GUI design, we like to think we're better at doing all this. What we do is bright, catchy and unforgettable.

Using latest technology, squeezing the trendy web 2.0, Flash and AJAX to the last drop, we develop original solutions buzzing with fresh ideas, products which are both effective and efficient.

Our efforts result in no-words-needed design projects which reach your business goals perfectly, strengthen your brand and showcase every single product in best possible light.

Learn more about what we do and how we can help you. Download our company profile, or fill in our questionnaire to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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We have been around since 2001. At the moment we employ over 20 people. Our headquarters is often relocated; currently we are based in Prague, Czech Republic. You are also welcome to meet us in New York, London, Moscow, and Cyprus.

Orange Label can handle many things complex and creative: web design, graphic and logo design, web site development, and more. We enjoy designing icons, illustrations, or iPhone apps. We also like to tap into photo and video production markets once in a while.

We are always prepared to give detailed, near-immediate replies to your email and phone inquiries. However sophisticated or tangled your needs may be, we will help them come alive as well-designed, easy-to-use products.

London: +44 20 3397 0870

Prague: +420 775 619 415

New York: +1 917 622 10 03

Web site design and development
sander estate ag

Sander Estates AG is a Switzerland-based company helping international clients find premium class property in Western Europe. For this client, we delivered a modern site making property search as fast and easy as it gets. The site fully reflects the business vision of Sander Estates: consistence, traditions and highest possible standards in everything.

webdesign premium property property search design property web design
iphone app

We like iOS development so much that we used a window between projects to build our own application. Naturally, it comes with a catchy design and a nice-looking logo.

Newstream is an RSS aggregator which makes reading your feeds even more enjoyable through its neat look and friendly interface. Click here for an iTunes download.

ate group
consulting agency

ATE Group is a consulting agency located in Singapore, dealing with world's leading brands. We gave elements of ATE Group's existing brand identity a fresher feel and used them to build a clean, up-to-date design.

Web design consulting site design consulting agency clean webdesign
yana naumova

Yana Naumova is a model, a TV host, a media person, and, last but not least, a beautiful lady. Her personal site was an exciting challenge to our team. This project included web design as well as CMS implementation. The site's UI is unusual yet easily understandable, built around dramatic lines balanced with big, catchy photography.

folio web design personal web site photomodel web site
retail car auction
web design

RetailCarAuction is a Boston-based business which lets buyers browse great car deals from dealer-only auctions. The company is all about no-fuss, enjoyable service. This is what we sought to reflect in the company's new site design.

Minimalism and big, juicy illustrations were the customer's chosen concept, and we brought it into life using high contrast, geometry-based interface and a large swooshing picture in the background.

vogue confession
logo and web design

Vogue Confession is an interactive magazine covering latest fashion and style news. For this site, OrangeLabel team have created a logo, designed the pages and implemented the backend content management system. The project has every right to be called comprehensively modern and relevant.

The design, built with trendy, crisp, professional photos, catches the visitor's eye straight away. The site's stylish look is organically complemented by the interactivity of AJAX and web 2.0.

website and logo

A business with unblemished reputation not wasting a word, this is what the web site design for MTForex, a company working in the Forex market, brings to your mind. Minimalism and austere, reserved contours combined with a catchy logo express a marriage of modern style and classic business attitude. The logo is a combination of a modern-looking font with a noble heraldic symbol. Further, the tone is supported by calm, monochrome page look.

The style reflects the core principles of MTForex: reliability, self-confidence, modern business based upon timeless traditions.

Website design. Logo design.
web design

The site for Albero, a gourmet Italian restaurant in downtown Moscow, claims the city has not yet seen anything comparable. Supporting this statement with equally hi-end design was the goal OrangeLabel pursued while designing this promo project. With lots of web 2.0 implemented, the site uses Flash and AJAX massively. Photos from a custom photo session dominate every page. The venue's chic interiors, blasting Mediterranean colors and dishes from Nicola Conuti, the worldwide-famous chef, catch the viewer's attention.

The joint tease and appeal of all this outreaches the effect of any words. This is the gourmet temptation at its finest.

Albero web design. Web design. Web 2.0 web design.
itaka inc.
web and identity

Itaka is a major computer hardware distributor. Our design was aimed to avoid congested page layouts common among distributor sites. Any product, of which there are hundreds, stands out favorably in the easily perceived grid. An advertising module promoting latest products is an organic part of the main page. Web site design was followed by creating a template allowing for fast and easy presentation design.

Various types of content are smoothly combined with a consistent visual style. The logo we developed for this brand alludes to the Greek origins of the company and its name.

Web-design IT b2b site. Visual style design.
kino host
web site design

Kino-Host is a site targeted at cinemas and movie distribution companies. The site offers industry news, movie posters and trailers, and interactive promos. Businesses use their personal cabinets to check movie ratings and order films for screenings. Orange Label team developed the site's architecture and designed the page layout along with the logo and the project corporate identity.

The site design is built in such a way that it incorporates the main page banner organically. Every new banner gives the site a whole new look which attracts visitor attention and dramatically increases the click through ratio.

asbis group
b2b and corporate

Asbis Group is one of the largest IT equipment distributors in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in other regions. The company's corporate site is not only a brand-building instrument, but a major B2B marketplace and a place to build distributor relations, too. OrangeLabel and Asbis Group have been working together for several years already, which resulted in designs for a range of sites and numerous marketing materials.

The information targeted at customers, partners and investors is presented in the traditional corporate way, and this is combined with the site's plentiful ecommerce features.

interface design

Developing an interface for such a popular and sophisticated product as DotNetPanel is by all means a flattering yet very complicated task. The interface for this Windows hosting management tool had to comply with strong requirements. We at OrangeLabel had to pay attention to even the tiniest details striving to deliver the multitude of features to the tens of thousands of users.

OrangeLabel designers had to bring together the best interface solutions and techniques from a variety of operating systems and interfaces. We managed to emphasize the rich functionality of the product and make sure both users and administrators are comfortable using it.

Logo development and corporate identity
logo and identity

Quadplus is a brand delivering quad play telcom services: IPTV, VoIP, broadband internet and wireless connectivity within a discounted package. The calm, reserved font is complemented by a living, dynamic sign. The lines symbolize different information channels, and there are more than four of them: looks like Quadplay got more cutting edge technologies in its pocket. Ad design takes the logo concept further, using the contrast of the black background and the bright, colorful, futuristic-looking lines.

Logo design, identity work. Identity design.
tasta oh!
logo design

The bright, bustling life of Barcelona is reflected in the unique interior design of Tasta oh! The fresh pastry and selection of teas in this cafe draw dozens of visitors every day. The bright, living logo combines a plain font with a background with varied patterns. We added a series of patterns which work as backgrounds for the logo, creating a variety of tints which can be used for customized packaging, crockery or interior design.

identity design cafe cafe Logo and identity design
water empire
logotype design

The new logotype for Water Empire, a brand producing drinking and mineral water, is meant to emphasize the company's stability and its serious attitude while continuing the relation to water established in the name. Bringing together a truly elegant font and a transparent three-dimensional image coming from nature itself, we underlined the high quality of the product. Water Empire's new modern, catchy logo was awarded by a Logofromdreams.com website.

my guest house
logo development

For MyGuestHouse, hotel management software, Orange Label team created two logo variants. Both easily communicate the images related to the business the client conducts. The bright, expressive bell reminds about the comfort of a small guest house, while a Flash drive in the shape of a nice-looking house symbolizes the unity of modern technology and homely atmosphere.

Logo creation hotel Logo development hotel
sony ericsson club
logo creation

Developing a logo for a club of Sony Ericsson fans, we aimed to bridge the world of hi-tech with the atmosphere of friendly communication. The easily recognizable brand symbol was enhanced with a stylized figure of a cute dog. The resulting image of a friendly robot combined advanced technology with warm emotions. This logo was a logical continuation of Sony Ericsson brand essence which implies technology and friendly attitude working together.

love and life
magazine logo design

Love&Life, an online magazine for women, contacted us to have their logo redesigned so that it gives the site a fresher feel and reflects the major changes which took place in the publication's history.

What we developed was a combination of a light-weighted font, strict and stylish at the same time, with warm colors working together for a fresh, positive and friendly feel.

Creating icons and illustrations
event plus

EventPlus plans and organizes all kinds of creative events including corporate parties, major celebrations and more. Looking to make this brand stand out and avoid predictable imagery, we developed a series of illustrations to accompany the sections of the company's web site.

A zeppelin with elegantly dressed passengers flying over a futuristic city incorporates the refined respectability of EventPlus attitude into the today's rapidly changing world. Illustrations for other sections are based on the same concept.

character design
for a music site

Designing these characters for the identity package of a music site was an enjoyable assignment completed entirely in one go. It felt so good the job took only a day, from conceptualizing to final details.

Working around the idea of a vinyl record which is actually the site's logo, we came up with these funny characters recognizable for every music lover.


For DeltaVec, a financial portal, we designed a series of icons to be used in the site's backend management system. Unlike the site's bright, rich front end, the content management system should have entirely different qualities. It has to be fast-loading and provide comfort in everyday use.

So, the main requirement here was usability and functionality. Avoiding excessive color use and details, our designers developed a series of outlined pictograms. Their self-descriptiveness and appealing look made the entire management system interface truly intuitive.

3d icons

Sipnet is a major provider of IP telephony services. For this brand, we developed a series of icons which are notable not only because of their appealing look, but due to their usability and easily readable meaning as well. All together it makes this series of icons a highly efficient interface element.

These 3D icons were drawn in a non-standard way using vector graphics only, in Adobe Illustrator. Thus we could convey the smallest visual details. The experimental approach brought great results. Using three-dimensional vector icons has become a fashionable trend among our customers.

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