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Look Book: iOS app for the fashion-conscious
Logo and mobile app design
Logo and mobile app design

Logo and mobile app design

Calm, strict, yet not emotionless, this is what this iOS app looks and feels like. We created the logo and developed general app logic as well as designed all the prototypes and app screens.

Look Book lets you manage your wardrobe, find matching clothes and accessories, stay tuned to fashion industry news and keep your look up to date. The app helps you get tips from stylists, shop, and share with friends., a vehicle classifieds site
Logo and website design
Logo and website design
Logo and website design

Logo and website design

This is an online marketplace where people buy and sell motorized vehicles of virtually any kind including cars, boats, or a motorbike in United Arab Emirates.

Light, easy to use design, simple navigations and plenty of features, this is what we feel a modern day online service should be like. We developed the site’s identity and look as well as page design and interface. We also implemented a content management system that lets administrators scale the site and balance server load.

Japan cars, a spare parts supplier
Logo development for a supplier of Japanese spare parts

Logo development for a supplier of Japanese spare parts

This logo is hard to ignore and even harder to forget. Rising sun, Ryujin the Japanese dragon, bright watercolors, and cold metal work together to create a lasting impression. Japan Cars deals in parts for Japanese cars, and with visuals like this, no further explanation is needed.

MOM’s, an online magazine
Logo development and website design for MOM’s Inc.

Newspaper-style web design

MOM's Inc. is a stylish glossy magazine turned easy-to-use website. Articles, news, blog posts and all kinds of exciting content prove to be both fun and useful for moms and moms-to-be.

When working on this, we did our best to combine elements of a printed magazine and an online outlet. MOM's Inc. uses large fonts, a magazine-style page layout, and eye-catching colors. All these elements work together to create the perfect background for the illustrations.

The Leading Properties of the World
Logo development, brand identity design, website design
Logo development, brand identity design, website design
Logo development, brand identity design, website design

Logo development, brand identity design, website design

The Leading Properties of the World is a Swiss real estate company that connects investors and premium European real estate. The logo and its variations that we created are a modernized medieval reference, a symbol of how well-established the company is in the real estate market of the Old World.

In addition to that, we developed brand identity guidelines for presentations and leaflets as well as the website. The look, calm and stylish, does not distract your attention from the company’s luxurious properties.

Mastertelecom, telecommunications
Logo and identity development for a telecommunications company

Brand identity, envelope design, letterhead, business card, annual report

Mastertelecom provides call center services meant to improve customer support by seamlessly integrating telco solutions into the client’s business processes. We created a new logo and developed corporate brand guidelines.

This new logo reflects the company’s commitment to excellence and constant innovation. We used the voiceprint of the company’s name as the main visual. The unique look of this element is emphasized with clean, crisp lines, and a rather laconic font.

Corporate identity, design of an envelope, letterhead, business card, annual report
Omami, a design blog
Website design for a blog
Logo development for design blog

Logo development for a blog about design

Omami is a blog that covers design in all its aspects. The site’s name is a somewhat playful reference to umami, the hard-to-define taste sensation that is both mysterious and pleasant.

The logo and website design we have developed communicate the author’s personal style and obsession with everything related to contemporary design. It’s almost like you can actually experience the elisuve taste while browsing this website.

Quadplus, telecommunications
Logo development for a telecommunications company
Logo for an IPTV and VoIP provider

Logo for an IPTV and VoIP provider

Quadruple play is a marketing term that adds wireless features to something known as triple play, i.e. broadband internet, TV, and phone services. This is what Quadplus is all about, vital communication tools of today in one affordable easy-to-use package.

The logo we have created combines a formal-looking font with a flexible symbol. Brand identity developed for Quadplus is built on the contrast between a basic background and catchy lines with a futuristic vibe.

mtForex, a dealing centre
Website design for a Forex floor trader. Monochrome design. Logo for a financial company, monochrome website

Website design for a Forex floor trader. Monochrome design. Logo for a financial company, monochrome website

Monochromatic elegance and a reference to reputable financial periodicals come together in this website for mtForex dealing center. Each and every visual element works to emphasize impeccable reputation, the brand’s core value.

For the logo, we used a witty heraldic improvisation involving bulls and bears, stock market symbols known many. The website’s responsive design follows the mood and feel of the black-and-white logo with thoroughly developed details.

Website design for a Forex floor trader. Monochrome design.
Logo for a financial company, monochrome website
Tasta Oh!, a cafe
Brand identity for Tasta Oh!

Logo, packing and label design for a cafe

Identity for Tasta oh!, a café in Barcelona, turned out to be as bright and bustling as the place’s home city. The new logo that we designed comes with colorful base elements that can be used to decorate virtually anything, from dinnerware and food packaging to interior and ads.

The text part of the logo is based on a simple font and can be easily combined with different but all very cheerful background patterns. The round shape of the logo makes it even more multi-purpose.

Ate Group, a consulting company
Website development for the consulting company Ate Group
Website development for a consulting agency

Website design for a consulting agency

Ate Group is a flagship Singapore-based agency providing consultancy services in marketing and public relations for lifestyle brands. New Ate Group website designed by us has become an important element in reinforcing the company's image and reputation.

Ate Group’s focus on premium class brands is reflected in the airy, elegant look. The website uses brand colors and fully follows existing identity guidelines. Less decoration, more content. This is how we let the company’s projects speak for themselves.

Newstream, an iOS app
Application development for iOS

Logo, design and style of an iOS app

App overview on iTunes

Newstream is an iOS app designed, styled and developed by our studio. If you think that surfing RSS and ATOM feeds should be as enjoyable as reading a newspaper while having your morning cup of tea, we built Newstream for you.

In the logo and look, we paired contemporary UI standards with a classic newspaper style. Ever since Newstream was published in the App Store, we have been watching its popularity grow excitedly., site for tourism industry professionals
Logo and site design
Logo and site design

Logo and site design was launched to help tourist industry professionals share experience and build a better community.

We designed a logo that sends a strong message about the positive sides of collaboration and the benefits information exchange brings to everybody. We also created the site’s identity package, an identity guidebook, and flexible elements to be used in merchandise and designs for events.

The site is essentially an online magazine with emphasized sections and powerful graphical accents. serves its purpose perfectly offering great tools for experts and businesses across the entire tourism industry.

Logo and site design
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